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The A.R.T.S.

(Administering Righteous Thoughts Spiritually)

Tap into your potential, it's unlimited.  

Mission: To improve the thought life on the planet with higher vibrational music. 


The A.R.T.S. is a collaboration of creative talents within Yeshivat Tzion that include musical torah readings, siddur prayers, devar torot and encourages other LIKEMINDED creative talents/artists to co-create similar sounds. All sounds are created within the community to birth a new genre of music, The Arts.  

Benefiting factors of the A.R.T.S: 

1. Aids in developing the desire for spirituality. 

2. Promotes righteous intentions.

3. Promotes righteous thought life.

4. Promotes righteous desires.

5. Promotes righteous speech.

6. Promotes righteous actions.

7. Therapeutic in nature (contributing to the cure of mental dis[ease], healing, soothing.

8. Helps in refining the mind

9. Useful in chant, dance and drama. 

10. Promotes collective consciousness

11. Promotes higher level unity.

12. Encourages ways of connecting with G-d

13. Encourages ways of connecting with Torah

14. Promotes the embodiment of Torah

15. Promotes the embodiment of siddur prayers

16. Motivating acts of kindness

17. Promotes Torah teaching and awareness. 

18. Promotes community development

19. Helps eliminate negative expectation (Fear)

20. Promotes positive expectation

21. Promotes Life and regeneration

22. Promotes a constant state of self-improvement

23. Helps tap into unlimited potential

24. Promotes mastery of words

*Read the Rebbe Moshe Ben Avraham's blog here:

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Physical immortality

Congregation Yeshivat Tzion is a Non-profit organization/synagogue. We operate from a 14 point system that is equivalent to a 501(c)(3) 

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