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Shalom, if you identify as Jew,( Israelite, Hebrew, Israel, Jewish, Set-Apart , One of the 12 Tribes ) ​ Then we would like to ask for your support and help by filling out the Pre-election registration form that will aid in our return to the Holy Land (Aliyah) as a Neo Hasidic Jewish institution, if we can get enough forms filled out.


There are 3 important reasons for supporting us by filling out this form:


#1. By filing out this form you agree that ALL JEWS have a right to RETURN to their homeland, the Land of Israel, regardless to color, practice, and traditions: this will aid as a petition on our behalf.


#2. By filing out this form you can Participate and preregister for the 2020 American Zionist elections. Preregistration ensures your being included in our list of members who will be called to vote once the elections begin in January 2020 (possibly for a Delegate from Congregation Yeshivat Tzion). Your vote will empower us to represent you in the World Zionist Congress in the State of Israel.

#3. By filing out this form ALL JEWS can be a part of this process of RETURNING HOME. If you identify as a Jew and don't desire to return to the Land of Israel then you can still help those who do want to return, by filling out a form!


If you are interested please Email Congregation Yeshivat Tzion at yeshivatcongregationtzion@gmail.com or click on the forms on the side or below. ​ Shalom and Thank You in advance!

Please click form below!

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*Read the Rebbe Moshe Ben Avraham's blog here:


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You can also donate in one 1 of 3 ways of your choice below to support our endeavors in the RETURN to the Land of Israel!